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Our training and tools set us apart as an industry leader.

Hunter HawkEye Wheel Aligner

Back straight again

The wheel alignment business goes well with transmission repair.  Many front wheel drive vehicles require the removal of the whole from frame.  That’s why O’Neills invested in the most accurate and up to date alignment technology available today.

At O’Neills these vehicles get checked for proper alignment after major transmission repairs.

If the steering wheel if off center, or the vehicle pulls one way or the other let us check it out for you.  Our technicians love to see things come to perfection, and our alignment system gives us that kind of accuracy.

With the correct alignment, proper handling is restore along with your driving pleasure.

Hunter RoadForce Balancer


Vibrations can wreck your car, and make driving a chore.  O’Neills has the experience to identify and correct vibrations sources.

Many vibrations start in the wheel assembly.  Wheel imbalance is only part of the problem though.  Some times the wheel simply isn’t round enough to run smooth.

Our wheel balance system doesn’t just check for balance.  We apply a “Road Force” to the wheel/tire assembly and can plot up to three high spots on a tire.

We can than decide the optimum  placement on the vehicle to give you the smooth ride your vehicle was intended to have.

In addition to smoothing things out with our balancer, we can identify tire induced pulls as well.  Many times if you are experiencing a pull the culprit is a tire.  The Hunter Road Force Balancer gives us a force in pounds the direction a tire is pulling, or pushing.

O’Neills high tech equipment, and fussy techs come together to give you dependable transportation.

Pico Oscilloscope

This oscilloscope has four channels.  Combined with inductive clamps we can diagnose complex mechanical hydraulic and electrical problems.


Hot Flush

This tool cleans the debris from your transmission cooler.  When a transmission fails, contaminants from the failure are harbored in the cooler.  The Hot Flusher uses hot transmission fluid combined with an air pulsed reversal of the fluid to dislodge these particles from your cooler.  The returning oil is strained through a 27 micron screen.  We run this flusher until no contamination is visible on this screen.

Proper cooler flushing eliminates the possibility of your original transmission failure wrecking your new transmission.




Why is my Check Engine light on?

Scanners are the tools we use to comunicate with your vehicles computers.  There are generic scanners that can retrieve codes on almost any vehicle.  We do have a generic scanner, but we also use manufacturer specific scanners.  These "factory" scanners allow us to give our customers information often only available at a dealership.  This makes us truly your dealership alternative.